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KYHIP Features & Packages

Explore KYHIP's features and packages, from wireless connectivity to company VPN support, and personalized package recommendations, ensuring a seamless and tailored VPN experience.

Do I need to have a static IP address for the KYHIP VPN to work?

For our service to function, you need to have a public IP address, which can be either static or dynamic. IP addresses can be categorized as. A public IP address is a unique identifier assigned to each user on the internet, allowing their router to b

Does KYHIP support my Company's VPN?

KeepYourHomeIP (KYHIP) is designed to offer a versatile and secure VPN solution, enabling you to access your home network from any location. KYHIP is engineered for compatibility with a broad range of corporate VPN software and protocols. KYHIP seaml

Does KYHIP support IPv6?

KeepYourHomeIP VPN exclusively operates with IPv4. This choice is rooted in the vulnerability of IPv6 to DNS leaks, which can potentially disclose your true location. Consequently, IPv6 is not commonly employed in any VPN setup. If you possess both a

Do you sell residential IP addresses?

No, we do not sell residential IP addresses. To use KYHIP and obtain a home/residential IP address, you will need to place your server router at your home, a friend's, or a family member's place.

Minimum and Recommended Home Internet Upload Speed for KYHIP

Understanding the importance of upload speed for your KYHIP VPN is crucial for a smooth and optimal user experience. This document outlines the minimum and recommended upload speeds to ensure you get the most out of your KYHIP routers. For an optimal

Package Recommendation for Connecting Two Computers Over Ethernet

If you intend to connect 2 computers with a hardwired Ethernet connection, we recommend our Economy package. The Economy router features 2 Gigabit LAN ports, allowing you to connect up to 2 computers with an Ethernet cable, and 1 Gigabit WAN port for

What's The Difference Between Packages?

At KeepYourHomeIP, we offer three distinct packages to cater to your VPN networking needs: Economy Light, Economy, and Business. All packages come with a server router to be used in your home and a travel router to carry with you. The primary differe

Which Package is Recommended For Your Needs?

Depending on your upload speed, the number of laptops you want to use, or how frequently you are traveling, we can recommend different KYHIP packages. If you need to connect 2 computers with an Ethernet cable, we recommend the Economy package. If you

GPS Tracker in Work Laptop: Dispelling Misconceptions

Many individuals express concern about the possibility of their work laptop being equipped with a GPS chip, enabling constant location tracking by their employer. This article aims to clarify that the probability of work laptops containing GPS chips

Internet Speed at Your Travel Destination

If you're utilizing a KYHIP VPN router to establish a secure tunnel to your home network, you may notice variations in internet speeds based on your travel destination. While the KYHIP VPN router itself is not the sole factor influencing speed, sever

What does it mean that the routers are “preconfigured”?

When the routers are described as "preconfigured," it means that they come ready to use right out of the box. The essential software and settings needed for the routers to establish a secure connection with each other are already installed and optimi

WiFi Range and Coverage

Our Economy Light routers are designed to cover a single room, while routers included in the Economy and Business packages can cover up to one floor. If your goal is to extend coverage to two floors, achieving this with a single router may pose a cha

Can We Perform the Setup on an iPad?

While our recommended approach for setting up your KYHIP VPN router is to use a computer, it is entirely possible to perform the initial setup on an iPad. A computer offers a more robust interface, simplifying the process and providing advanced confi

Do I Need To Be There For The Setup?

To successfully set up your KeepYourHomeIP VPN router, it's necessary to be in close proximity to your home's ISP router. If you cannot be at home during the setup process, you have the option to forward the setup invitation to someone who is at your

Does KYHIP Support my Company VPN?

KeepYourHomeIP (KYHIP) is designed to provide a versatile and secure VPN solution, allowing you to access your home network from any location. KYHIP is engineered for compatibility with a wide range of corporate VPN software and protocols. KYHIP seam