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How does KeepYourHomeIP work?Updated 8 months ago

Encrypted Tunnel for Remote Use

Enjoy the benefits of an encrypted tunnel provided by KYHIP when you're away from home. This ensures a secure connection for your online activities.

Access Country-Specific Services Anywhere

KYHIP enables you to access country-specific services even when you're outside the country, giving you the flexibility to enjoy services tailored to your location.

Secure Home Network Access Anywhere

With KYHIP, securely connect to your home network from any location. This feature provides a reliable and protected link to your home resources.

Your VPN Server, Your Control

KYHIP's VPN server is hosted at your home, putting you in complete control. The VPN client accompanies you wherever you go, ensuring that the VPN infrastructure is owned and managed entirely by you.

Reliance on Home ISP for Internet Connection

KYHIP utilizes your home Internet Service Provider (ISP) as the underlying connection, relying on the stability and performance of your home network.

Refer to the How It Works Page for In-Depth Information

For a more detailed understanding of KYHIP's functionality, please refer to the "How It Works" page, providing comprehensive insights into the intricacies of the system.

Experience the freedom and control of KeepYourHomeIP, where your VPN is tailored to your needs and under your exclusive command.

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