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VPN Basics

Explore the essentials of VPN technology, including how KeepYourHomeIP VPN works, its safety features, and unique advantages, in our concise VPN Basics category.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a crucial service designed to safeguard your internet connection and enhance online privacy. By establishing an encrypted tunnel for your data, a VPN shields your online identity, concealing your IP address and ensu

Can using a VPN affect my Internet speed?

The impact on Internet speed is a potential concern when using any VPN, particularly during peak hours when numerous users are accessing the service. However, with KYHIP, your bandwidth is exclusively yours, ensuring consistent VPN speeds even during

What can I do with KeepYourHomeIP VPN?

Experience the freedom and security that KeepYourHomeIP VPN brings to your online activities.

How does KeepYourHomeIP work?

Enjoy the benefits of an encrypted tunnel provided by KYHIP when you're away from home. This ensures a secure connection for your online activities. KYHIP enables you to access country-specific services even when you're outside the country, giving yo

Is KYHIP VPN safe?

KeepYourHomeIP (KYHIP) VPN offers a high level of security, setting it apart from other VPN platforms. The key factor contributing to its safety is that the entire VPN infrastructure is owned and controlled by you. While KYHIP offers enhanced securit

Why is KYHIP different than other VPNs?

In summary, KYHIP offers a unique and secure VPN solution by placing control in your hands, eliminating the need to trust external providers, and providing exclusive access to your home devices.

Can I use KYHIP VPN with my corporate VPN?

Yes, you can use KYHIP VPN in conjunction with your corporate VPN. KYHIP VPN is designed to be compatible with corporate VPNs, allowing for seamless integration without the need for additional software installation. By using KYHIP VPN on top of your

Pre-requisites for having a KeepYourHomeIP VPN server at home?

To set up the KeepYourHomeIP (KYHIP) VPN server at home, you should ensure the following prerequisites are met:. These prerequisites lay the foundation for a stable and effective KYHIP VPN server setup at home. Checking and meeting these requirements

Do I need a static home IP address?

No, a static home IP address is not required for KeepYourHomeIP (KYHIP) VPN. However, you do need a public IP address, which can be either static or dynamic. KYHIP VPN routers come equipped with a built-in dynamic DNS function. This feature automatic

Will KYHIP Interfere With My ISP Router at Home?

The integration of a KYHIP server router into your home network prompts a common concern regarding potential interference with the existing ISP router. This article aims to alleviate this concern by delving into the technical aspects, assuring users

Do I Have a Public IP Address?

To support our setup, your ISP router needs to have a dedicated public IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider, which can be either static or dynamic. If you need assistance checking your public IP address, please don't hesitate to cont

Region Restrictions

This knowledgebase article aims to address the potential challenges associated with using KYHIP Travel Routers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Syria, Bahrain, Belarus, Cuba, Iraq, Myanmar, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda,