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Is Downloading TeamViewer Required?Updated 8 months ago

TeamViewer is not mandatory but highly recommended for a streamlined setup experience. It helps us complete your setup quickly, allowing you to return to your day promptly.

TeamViewer is a trusted company known for its remote support software used by millions. The software is certified as safe and secure. Once you download and start TeamViewer Quick Support, you'll be provided with an ID number and password to share with our technician.

After setup, when you close the software, we can never access your device again. The ID and password are reset each time you start the software. You can observe all actions, and we only use the browser to access your router settings, without opening any programs on your computer.

Don't Have Installation Permissions?

If you encounter permissions issues, especially on a work device, do not install TeamViewer on your work device. Instead, use a personal laptop or desktop computer.

Don't Trust TeamViewer?

While TeamViewer is a reputable German company compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations, if you prefer not to use it during setup, it's entirely acceptable. See the section below for "Setup without TeamViewer."

Setup without TeamViewer

If you choose not to or cannot use TeamViewer, we can conduct a guided setup. Join the meeting on your personal device (computer, smartphone, or tablet) and present the screen. Note: For iPhone, iPad, and Android, download the Google Meet app. Our technician will guide you step by step through configuring your ISP router and the KYHIP Server router.

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