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Minimum and Recommended Home Internet Upload Speed for KYHIPUpdated 8 months ago

Understanding the importance of upload speed for your KYHIP VPN is crucial for a smooth and optimal user experience. This document outlines the minimum and recommended upload speeds to ensure you get the most out of your KYHIP routers.

Recommended Upload Speed: 30 Mbps

For an optimal user experience, we highly recommend an upload speed of at least 30 Mbps. This speed ensures seamless video streaming and efficient remote file access. Additionally, it allows multiple devices to securely connect to your KYHIP VPN without sacrificing performance.

Acceptable Upload Speed: 20 Mbps

While 30 Mbps is recommended, an upload speed of 20 Mbps is considered acceptable for effective KYHIP operation. At this speed, most internet activities will run smoothly, though you may experience slight delays in more data-intensive tasks like large file transfers or HD video streaming.

Upload Speed below 20 Mbps

KYHIP will function on any internet connection, regardless of upload speed. However, utilizing a connection with an upload speed below 20 Mbps is not recommended, as it is likely to result in a suboptimal user experience.

Issues at Low Upload Speeds

  • Frequent Stuttering: Video conferencing, calls, and streaming will be affected.
  • High Latency: Bufferbloat and high utilization may cause latency spikes, impacting video and audio quality in calls.
  • Slow File Transfers: Uploading files could be time-consuming. Accessing shared drives may result in freezing of Windows Explorer or Finder.
  • Single Device Limit: Expect poor performance if more than one device is connected.


In summary, a minimum upload speed of 30 Mbps is recommended for the best user experience with your KYHIP VPN router. An upload speed of 20 Mbps is acceptable but comes with limitations. While KYHIP will work on any connection, using a connection with less than 20 Mbps upload speed will lead to a degraded user experience. Therefore, for the most reliable and robust VPN experience with KYHIP, sticking to the recommended or acceptable upload speeds is highly advisable.

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