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What does it mean that the routers are “preconfigured”?Updated 8 months ago

When the routers are described as "preconfigured," it means that they come ready to use right out of the box. The essential software and settings needed for the routers to establish a secure connection with each other are already installed and optimized.

Preconfigured Together

The routers are configured to work seamlessly with each other, ensuring a smooth and secure connection between the client router and the server router.

Automatic Connection

The client router is set up to automatically establish a connection to the server router. This means there is no need for manual configuration or input to initiate this connection.

Setup Session Requirement

While the routers are preconfigured to work together, a brief setup session with the support team is required. This session typically lasts 20-30 minutes and involves integrating your home ISP router with the server router.

Effortless Setup

The streamlined process and preconfigured settings minimize the effort required on your end. This ensures that your secure tunnel to your home network is operational with minimal user input.

In summary, the "preconfigured" status simplifies the setup process, allowing users to quickly establish a secure connection between their home and the server network with the assistance of the support team.

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