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Will KYHIP Interfere With My ISP Router at Home?Updated 8 months ago

The integration of a KYHIP server router into your home network prompts a common concern regarding potential interference with the existing ISP router. This article aims to alleviate this concern by delving into the technical aspects, assuring users that KYHIP is designed to coexist seamlessly with the ISP router, without disrupting home Internet services.


KYHIP (KeepYourHomeIP) is a specialized VPN router that empowers users to establish a secure tunnel back to their home network from any location. The primary concern revolves around whether this addition might interfere with the normal functioning of the existing ISP router. Here's why it won't:

KYHIP Router Architecture

The KYHIP router is strategically designed as a "secondary router," working in tandem with your existing ISP router. It augments your home network with VPN functionalities without replacing the ISP router.

ISP Router & Home Network Architecture

Your ISP router manages your home Internet connection and local network, handling tasks such as DHCP, NAT, and firewall rules.


KYHIP seamlessly integrates with your existing home network architecture. By preserving the functionalities of your ISP router, it eliminates any possibility of conflict or interference.

Performance Considerations

KYHIP remains inactive when not in use, consuming no Internet bandwidth. When accessing the Internet through your travel router, a portion of your Internet bandwidth is used for the VPN tunnel, similar to direct Internet access at home.

Security Implications

The VPN functionalities introduced by KYHIP do not override or alter the security settings or functionalities of your ISP router.


In summary, the KYHIP router is purposefully designed to work harmoniously with your ISP router, providing additional value without causing interference or conflicts. This layered architecture allows you to enjoy both the comprehensive functionalities of your ISP router and the specialized VPN features of the KYHIP router, maintaining a harmonious, secure, and efficient home network.

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