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Security & Privacy

Explore the security and privacy features of KeepYourHomeIP (KYHIP) VPN, from addressing DNS leaks and recovering from router resets to ensuring seamless functionality when moving homes and maintaining privacy on private devices.

Understanding DNS Leak: Test and Resolution

A DNS leak test helps determine if your network configuration is unintentionally leaking Domain Name System (DNS) information, potentially compromising your privacy. DNS translates human-friendly domain names (like into IP addresses

Powering Your Router via USB: Important Considerations

If you choose to use a non-standard power supply, ensure it can provide sufficient power based on the device's requirements. However, note that using an unstable or insufficient power input may lead to malfunctions.

I accidentally pressed the hardware reset button for too long on my VPN router. My VPN stopped working, what should I do?

If you accidentally pressed the hardware reset button on your VPN router for too long and your VPN stopped working, follow these steps:.

KYHIP VPN Infrastructure and Global Regulations

The functionality of KYHIP VPN infrastructure may be impacted by the regulatory landscape in different countries. VPN legality varies worldwide, and some governments heavily regulate or outright ban VPN usage. As of now, VPNs are illegal in North Kor

Will my employer know that I am using a VPN?

One of the most common questions we get is whether an employer can detect that you're using a VPN. The short answer is no, not if you're using a KeepYourHomeIP VPN router. This is because our technology is designed to ensure your privacy without trig

Setup On Private Device

Please note we do not offer configuration on private devices. Our routers are delivered preconfigured, and our customers get all the dedicated support and hardware warranty. For more details on each package, please refer to our shop page.

How to check if my laptop has a GPS tracker?

The vast majority of computers do not have GPS hardware. Some do, and it’s integrated into the WWAN chip for using mobile data with a SIM card. You can open Device Manager in Windows and try looking under Sensors for a GPS device, and also you can se